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Published Pieces

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POEM: 'Because Nice Guys' - FeminineCollective | Apr 5th, 2021


She was always ready to cry on my shoulder
and accept my help,
my affection, my favours.
‘Cause nice guys finish last. 
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POEM: 'Liquor n' Things' - The Rye Whiskey Review | Feb 24th, 2021


Dewdrops on Bud Light and coasters on tables
Glistening beer taps and premium labels
Slinky red dresses that ride up and cling
These are a few of my favorite things
Beautiful makeup and those second glances    
Fully clothed sex that we lie and call dances
Low riding jeans that show off a g-string
These are a few of my favorite things... [Read more...]

POEM: 'A-Muse' - FeminineCollective | Aug 24th, 2020


My muse.
What a deceptive cunt.
Too little at the laptop. Too much in the shower.

Pen and paper at the ready?
The ink is flowing, but no one’s figured out how to tap the imagination.

A pint of your best brainstorm, please.

And let’s not forget to have the best ideas while driving.

Playing hide and seek with motivation?
Watch out for the wardrobes and the land of procrastination.

PERSONAL ESSAY: 'Not Allowed Bad Days' - HerStry | Jun 28th, 2020


A twelve hour shift feels like forever when you’re waiting on bad news. If you’re busy, the time might pass easily enough. Otherwise, it’s a relentless crawl, and even the most mundane tasks feel insurmountably hard.

The phone in my pocket weighs down my slacks enough that I’m glad for my belt. Phones aren’t allowed on the production line; though management and maintenance are somehow exempt from the rule. Apparently the people that operate the machinery can’t be trusted with an additional device without fear of everything else going to hell...

Honorable Mentions

Light - longlisted by Sunspot Lit

The English language is a complicated, glorious shitshow of a thing. It’s a circus without a ringmaster. There’s silent letters. Things that sound the same but have different spelling and meanings. A womb, a tomb and a bomb don’t all rhyme, but somehow pony and bologna get along? It’s read, not read, and I won’t shed a tear over a tear. Don’t even get me started on the contronyms. [Read more...]

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