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Marked follows Alexis Andrews, a teenage soldier-in-training, or Tironem, as she struggles to hide her treason. Art is forbidden, and as much as she tries to fight the compulsion she can’t resist picking up a pencil to create. For years she reconciled her guilt with the knowledge she’d become an Imperial soldier, sworn to protect the people, the Consone, and The Father. She would face their enemy, the Renegades with their Marks, traitors to the future of humanity, and prove herself loyal. With fellow Tironem and prodigy Luca at her side, she was determined to create her future. Secrets or no.

Until Luca is murdered.


Even Alexis never imagined the enemy would get him first, and his death cracks at her perfectly crafted facade. She questions how the Consone and its soldiers could fail to protect them, how The Father could let everyone believe they’re safe. And she wonders how a prodigy like Luca could be so easily dispatched. 

Turning her back on the Tironem and her future as a soldier, Alexis grapples with her own self-loathing. As she questions the system, she both disrupts the idyllic family life her mother, Prue, has built, and attracts the attention of Dominik. 

Sent by the Renegades, Dominik and his team are tasked with recruiting or killing Alexis and her brother, as punishment for Prue’s betrayal two decades earlier when she abandoned the Renegades at the end of the war. Revealing her mother’s past, he also exposes the secret The Father has long tried to hide; tattoos can be brought to life.

As the lies of her family and her government unravel, Dominik offers her the one thing even Alexis never imagined - the chance to get a Mark and bring her art to life.

Drawn deeper into a decades-long conflict, Alexis must make a decision. Ever since Luca’s death she’s known she can't be a Tironem, but now she’s forced to ask, is she really a Renegade? Or something else entirely?