"There's your world, and there's mine. It functions a lot like yours. We have our workers, our heroes, our criminals, and our police.

That's me. The police part. I take care of the nasties in the night that you wouldn't want to face on your best days. But some nights I ask myself... does it take a monster to stop a monster?"


Eighty years young, pansexual warlock Zmay is a drafted enforcer of the Consilium, the magical governing body that has stood guard over the world for centuries. Maintaining order and keeping the supernatural world hidden from humans is what’s required of all warlocks, but Zmay’s last mission was a clusterfuck of death and destruction. He must now redeem himself (and his mentor) in the eyes of his superiors. They’re not asking much though; just to take a rare artifact from a powerful witch who lives in a secluded town protected by a werewolf pack. No big deal, right?

The pack and the witch have their own problems though, locked in a feud with a rising Coven. Torn between protecting himself and his mentor, or getting drawn into the towns’ secret war, Zmay must decide what he’s willing to risk to do the right thing. Even if it’s his life.