A citizen of Australia and a permanent resident of Canada, I travel between the two as much as possible, when finances and pandemics allow. Raised by an incredible single mother and sent to an Anglican Grammar school, I excelled in History, English and Legal Studies. 

Rather than plunge into the organized chaos of university, I took time after graduating high school to work as Communications Manager for the National Speakers Association of Australia (now Professional Speakers Australia), learning to manage events in every major Australian city. When the company decided to move their office, I enrolled at Griffith University. 


Graduating with a BA majoring in Creative Writing and Literature, I also helped create the art television series ‘Put Some Colour In Your Life’. It was during my time at Griffith however that I was coached by Film Producer and Author, Tony Cavanaugh, who encouraged my storytelling and ideas. 

Daydreams became stories, ideas flourishing, and before long I was working on several ideas that included tattoos, warlocks, and shapeshifters. Not exclusively in that order. I’ve had several small pieces published online, but continue to work on larger projects. 


When not working, writing or reading, I spend a disproportionate amount of time overthinking everything and trying to distract myself with friends and sushi.

Reading List


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