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Click. - Published by Poet's Choice

Sadly, between pandemics and postal services, this book was meant to arrive earlier this year, but nevertheless, it's here now! Hooray! And big thanks to #PoetsChoice for trying to track the parcel and keep me informed of its progress along the way.

I have officially had a poem published in a book! It's a cool feeling.

Now if only one of the muses would deign to whap me over the head with some more inspiration. It's been a struggle of a year to write something new. Or even work on old stuff. Oh well. Here's hoping this gives a little boost.

You can see the images of the book below and the full poem below that.


What’s one more?

A new page

Refresh it

Revisit it

A unique viewer

Returning viewer

Be my subscriber

Another donation

Another ad

Was that clickbait?

Who cares

I’ve always wanted

a snoogie-woogie super comfy whatever that is

Like it

Like me

Give me hearts and own mine

What’s another picture?

Starbucks and filters and duck faces

Is that risqué?

No, dear, that’s fucking feminism

Do they accept you?

Do you accept you?

Wear what you want

When you want

So what if it’s hipster?

Pumpkin spice is delish

Oh look

It’s an opinion

Careful you don’t step in it

On it

Near it

Though I don’t get

How your opinion



Get to define my life

I’ll marry my gf

Or bf

Don’t worry

You’re not invited to the wedding

Hate to make you uncomfortable

With my loving, consensual relationship

That has nothing

To do

With you


Where’s the dislike?

Thumbs down n’ all that

How dare we want


How dare we give a shit




This user can no longer see your tweets.

Are these disagreements?



You’re talking about beliefs?

I’m talking about human rights

So no to your friendship

No to your following

You’re not having

‘An opinion’

You’re being a cunt.



Lock the account

Just friends, family

And all those pretending to be either

If facts aren’t feelings

Why are you ignoring the facts

To attack their feelings?

Misery loves company

And this is a group chat


Direct Messages

Deep and meaningfuls

Is it private?

Do you trust them?

It’s just one picture


Wow face.

Horror face.

Angry face.


And we all know bitches love

the winky face.

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