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Going to the Moon!

Biggest surprise at the end of 2021 - I found out some of my photography is going to the moon! Yeah, you read that right. The moon.

Initial thoughts were… ‘Wow I hope they’re good enough’. Followed by ‘I hope aliens appreciate the scenery’. Though, after reading Project Hail Mary… well, let’s just say if they look more arachnid than humanoid I’ll probably marinate in a thick sauce of panic and anxiety...

But holy batcrap batman, my photography is going to be on the moon! Photos from this website - shots taken of Island Lake in Ontario, Canada - among them. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm incredibly grateful to Samuel Peralta for including me in the #LunarCodex.

Was a really awesome highlight to the otherwise questionable year that was 2021. Wonder what 2022 will bring?

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