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Tattoo Touch Ups

I love tattoos. #ShockHorror #ImagineThat

I have several of my own, and my newest (that I got on my birthday) was just touched up. Thought I'd share the finished product below, done by the wonderful #geoskatattoos

A lot of people have asked me about the wand and if it's from Harry Potter. Interestingly no, it's not (though my love for wands and wizards and Ron Weasley knows no bounds). The wand represents my love of fantasy and magic in general - two things I write about - and that for me there is magic in the world if we only look for it.

The blade is the flip side to that. While there is magic, there is also darkness and coldness, and we cannot pretend there is one without the other. There's light and there is dark. Both are important. 

My right forearm has a pen with the shadow of a quill, to represent my love of writing. Both wrists are braceleted by colour. The right is rainbow: purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red/pink. The left is purples and blues and pinks with stars and planets, as you see below. 

I'm incredibly happy with them both. They're beautiful and, I feel, a real representation of 'me'. And that's part of the reason I love tattoos. Every single one I have means something to me, or represents me in some way. None of them are frivolous. Which leads me to the only advice I'd ever offer in regards to tattoos: get what's important to you, get what makes you happy, and please, please, please... think about it first. 

I see these new temp tattoos that last for weeks, to try and offer those without tatts a chance to see if they'd still like it on them after a while, and I think that's awesome. Do it, if you think you need to. Ignore everybody else. One, it's your body, and two, you need to know you're going to love that part of yourself years from now with that art on it. 

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