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Sit Rep: waiting for the next sign of the apocalypse


I wish I could blame this quarantine for the ridiculous amount of Hell’s Kitchen I’ve watched, but in all honesty I’d already watched most of them before COVID became a game changer. The episodes have taught me that I do not eat as well as Gordon Ramsay’s dog, or cat, and when something is over cooked, or undercooked, there’s still a good chance I’d eat it…

I was going to talk about COVID… then I decided… naaaaaah. I am still working. My job is classed as ‘essential’. And I am grateful I have not been sick, though some small part of me would be glad to just ‘get it over with’.

I guess anything past that might tempt the trolls, so I’ll move on.

Instead of watching the hell out of Netflix (and Hell’s Kitchen on repeat…), I’ve spent the last few weeks reading the Throne of Glass series.

Initially, I wasn’t as in love with the first book as I’d hoped, but I saw the foundation that had been set and I wanted to see how it built from there. If this irreverent, sarcastic young woman would grow into a solid, complex character. And I’m so glad I held in there, because I was not disappointed. As the series developed into an epic fantasy, my love for the characters, the place, only grew. My awe at the depth and the complexity of the stories, how well they’d been woven together through the books, left me humbled.

Sarah J. Maas had already captured my heart with the series ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’, but TOG only further cemented me as a fangirl for the ages. As I give myself a day or so to recover from the seven book saga, I eagerly look forward to the next book waiting on my nightstand; Maas’ next novel and her first adult one - Crescent City.

I’m unsure if other writers experience this, but reading the work of published authors I admire has the dual impact of inspiring me and utterly levelling me. I’m compelled to write, and yet the entire time I do I feel that I could never compare. Never be on the same level.

It’s a fucking emotional rollercoaster through a haunted house of fun mirrors, I swear to fuck.

After Crescent City, I’ll be tucking into Cassandra Clare’s ‘Chain of Gold’, and I always love returning to the world of the Shadowhunters. Sure, I miss Alec and Magnus and Jace, but Clare’s storytelling is superb, and she still makes you fall in love with new characters as much as the old.

Well that’s it for now.

Oh… other than buying Animal Crossing… >_>

I’ve never owed a raccoon so much money in my life. Who knew island development with animal neighbors was so expensive?

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