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More Poems Published - yay!

It's nice that half the time I'm updating this blog it's with news of something else being published. Kind of shocked it's mostly for poetry though. When I did poetry in school I was, supposedly, no good at it. And, typically, when I'm not good at something I start to hate it pretty quick. Somehow, I found my way back to poetry and here we are. Now if I could just find the right agent to love my book as much as I do, I'd be sweet...

In addition to 'Because Nice Guys' being published by Feminine Collective, I've also been notified by Poet's Choice that a submission I made to them has been accepted to be published in their next book. Which is aweeeeeesome. They'll let me know about it once the book is made available, then I can share a link to it here as well. Woot woot!

So for now, here's a link to Feminine Collective, a site that previously published my poem 'A-Muse', and the new piece, 'Because Nice Guys'.

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