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Here we are again...

The gym’s are packed.

The diet’s have begun anew.

Lists are made, goals are set, and we are determined. Iron will.

No guts, no glory.

Of course, it’s the New Year.

Hard to believe 1999 was twenty years ago… Hard to believe another twelve months have gone by. Hard to believe I’m still TERRIBLE at posting to my blog, FB and most other places. I think the only place I succeed is Twitter... 

The catch? Well, hopefully I’m reading and/or writing, so I’m too busy for posts? Maybe?

Ha. No. In reality, I’ve been drowning in the end of 2018; in two jobs, retail work and xmas shopping. In hours spent perfectly wrapping presents that are only going to be torn into like a carcass amongst ravening wolves. In customers that make me long for a retail Purge - and I’m not sure I’d stop at just telling them how fucking stupid they are.

Despite all THAT^ though, there was a bright light to the end of 2018 - the completion of Beneath, book two. A fresh manuscript to edit for the start of 2019. And a respectable level of books read considering how busy I’ve been.

But it’s 2019.

And I know, last year, I made an arrogant statement about not needing resolutions and all that shit, but it’s never a bad thing to have goals. To strive for something. I always strive to be better, but what’s that saying? When you have goals you need to have plans and take action.

I’m also a firm believer in setting ‘achievable’ goals. You can’t just say ‘I’m going to write three novels in a month’ and expect it to happen. Not only is it unrealistic AF, when you DON’T meet that goal, you’re going to be disappointed, and even less motivated to get shit done.

On that note, here are some of my goals (a couple still lacking plans, but hey, I’m working on those too):

  • Post regularly: this means to Facebook, blogs and the website

  • Update my reading list: What I read in 2018 and what I’d like to read in 2019. Also more than happy to take suggestions here too.

  • As far as writing goals, these vary whenever an edit is thrown into the mix. When editing, I like to try and average a chapter a day. Nothing major, just enough to remind me what’s going on and to keep everything fresh in my head. But if I’m writing? Well now, I’ll settle for a SENTENCE some days. Yeah, you heard me, a fucking sentence. Just enough to know that I am still working on the novel and the dream is still alive. You’d be surprised how just one sentence can make all the difference. After all, most movies and books are advertised and promoted on a single sentence, so getting one in every day seems an okay compromise to me.

  • I’m also going to contact the agents that have my manuscript for Marked, and continue sending out queries for Beneath.

The other two big things are… I REALLY want to attend more writing workshops, and I want to start submitting short stories and other work to competitions.

Y’know… around travelling a lot and having downtime and relaxing.

...I don’t want much do I? >_>

Well, that’s where I’m at for 2019. I have aspirations, goals, and as I start to make plans and take action, damn it, I’m going to achieve them. The only thing holding me back is me, right?

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